Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Storage Closet

AKA - Mommy's big ol' dumping ground for everything she doesn't really want to put away.

So here are some before pictures I took last week.

Yeah, there was no way anyone could even get into this closet. Oh hi overflowing laundry hamper!

The clutter goes aaaaaaaall the way up the wall! Like ivy! Only not as pretty.

So after 30 minutes of work I have functioning shelves for storing my art/scrapbook supplies and J has a home for her coloring books/homework/home reading.

This? This is the load of stuff I took to the thrift store this afternoon.

Look! An ugly linoleum floor! But it's a floor!

Someone did some laundry. Then filled the bag back up. So the bag is not back on the hamper frame. Plus the small stroller is easy to get to now!

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