Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Grand New Year's Plan

So Krista mentioned New Year's Grand Cleaning Plan in Twitter and I was all over that. Organized Home has a detailed list of the entire plan for anyone who is interested.

I decided that I need to cut it down by a week or two as I will be returning to work the first full week in April. Returning to work means that we will all have to leave the house a lot faster and be able to put things away a lot faster.

This is my 'grand' cleaning plan. Or really more of a de-cluttering plan.

January 3-16 ~ the storage closet

January 18-31 ~ the coat closet and the bathroom

February 1-14 ~ kitchen

February 15-28 ~ our 'great' room, or the office and the living room

March 1-14 ~ linen closet and our bedroom (Hubs and I)

March 15-28 the girls' bedroom (toy storage issues in there)

For help along the way I'm going to refer to Organizing Junkie's PROCESS steps. I'm also using this book by Susan C. Pinsky. We are having T tested/assessed for A.D.D in February and a lot of this book makes total sense to me. For my lists I'm using the prize I won in November from Laura (Organizing Junkie) from the Get Organized Wizard. The lists that Michelle has in the pack are SO very helpful for so much around my house!

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