Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday Jan 11 - 17

Another Menu Plan Monday. On time! Whee!

Monday - Baked pork chops, steak fries, green beans or broccoli.

Tuesday - spaghettini with homemade pasta sauce

Wednesday - Minestrone and bakery fresh buns.

Thursday - Beef tacos with lettuce, cheese, salsa.

Friday - lazy lasagna

Saturday - Pita pizzas with homemade pizza sauce, marble cheese, pepperoni, cooked tomato and bacon.

Sunday - roast chicken, rosemary potatoes and peaches and cream corn.


We switched our grocery day to Saturday since Hubs has no band rehearsal so I had to look and see what I had for dinner for today (Thursday) and Friday.

Thursday - meatloaf supreme (thank goodness I made a double batch last time!), rice and veggies (green beans for me, peaches and cream corn for Hubs and J)

Friday - Lazy lasagna (will have to go buy some jar sauce!)

Saturday - still pizza.

Sunday - everything is the same but I'll make baked broccoli instead of corn.

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  1. Love your menu. Full of interesting choices. If I could only get around to planing my menu I would rock in my household!

    Hugs and Mocha,